We are a family-owned local company from Texas with a passion to save the bees!

We had a large hive in our brick fence. I was expecting to call masonry to replace all the brick that other companies said would have to tear down to access the hive. When I drove up I didn’t think AA Bee Removal Experts had been there yet. I was wrong. NO BEES (they removed about 5,000 bees) and the fence was undamaged. Appreciate the professional, prompt and courteous approach to rectifying our bee situation and keeping our cost down. Great job!

- Todd K.

I was only in my house for about 4 months and thought the bees had just moved in. Unfortunately when they opened the gable it was about 10 feet in length and had been here before I purchased the house (my house warming gift from the sellers). I was not here when they did the work so I was expecting the bees to only be in the eave. OMG I just saw my video for the first time! I researched other companies and AA bee experts were the only ones I felt comfortable with after watching the videos. The videos made a huge huge difference because you can actually see the work for beginning to completion. There was proof that they could successfully do the job. There were other companies that were cheaper but cheaper is not always best because this  is my home, and I wanted it done right. One company said they would need to cut a hole in the adjacent bedroom and remove the hive and I would be responsible for the repair. These guys “and gal” did an awesome job! When I returned from work that afternoon, there was no evidence that there were bees and that they had did any repairs. Great job!!! it was worth every penny. 🙁  little sad skinny T was not in my video.

- Grishelda

While doing yard work I was attacked by bees. They were in our Water Meter Box. They swarmed and covered me; I could NOT get away from them! My wife attempted to help me but they then attacked her. A passing neighbor noticed something was wrong and turned around and came back. He didn’t know what to do and waited in his truck trying to see what he could do to help us. He then quickly dropped his truck’s tailgate and called to me to get on tailgate. He rescued me by driving me quickly out of their reach. Then he returned to rescue my wife. We both had to be transported to the hospital with complications and numerous stings. On Sunday I contacted AA Bee Removal Experts and explained to Darren what had happened. I asked if he could come out right away. We were concerned they may attack again. Darren and Callie came out immediately. They quickly acknowledged that our bees were very aggressive. They smoked the bees to calm them, and removed the hive and bees safely from our Water Meter Box. After our bee attack I tell everyone to be watchful for honey bees! Be observant and if you see any bees, take notice of where they go. They can be very dangerous, and you should be cautious of them. They need to be removed by a professional bee keeper, and it is worth every penny! I would recommend this Company to anyone! And I would use them again! Thank you Darren and Callie for taking care of this serious bee problem and doing it on a Sunday. “Thanks” from Billy and Vickie

- Billy & Vickie

Darren came out to take the bees alive. He took the house apart and removed our bees and took the bees to relocate them. He had our house back together the same day. Other Bee companies had told us we would have to hire a separate contractor to repair the house after they removed the hive, and their price was much higher than what I paid Darren! I feel good the bees could live and my house is back to normal!

- B. Kelly

We run a daycare in our home. We had a large bee hive in our kitchen bay window. Darren was there within an hour of our call. He had to go through the roof of the bay window to get to the hive. The bees were gone and our kids were safe! So thankful! I’m not comfortable with bees, or with people working on my home, but Darren was trustworthy, and did a very tidy job! I would recommend him any day!

- Lucille

We had a hive in our eave for over 4 years. We called to have the bees removed safely for the environment’s sake, and found it to be very expensive. We also found the “Large” Dallas Company we almost went with had sent a guy that had no construction experience, and the high price we were quoted did not include the “repair” of our home! We were shocked. Then we found Darren. He removed the bees alive and his repair work was warrantied. His price was less than half of what other Companies quoted us, and he was a perfectionist with the bees and our house. It was “one-stop-shopping” service! Couldn’t have been more pleased!

- B. Seaholm

Wow what great service from Darren and his team at AA Bee Removal Experts! We had been talking to so called bee rescue and other removal companies for months. They all either wanted to schedule months from now or come out and KILL my bees! Darren responded to my Gmail within an hour and came the next morning. They safely removed the bees quickly and efficiently. We are so happy to be able to work outside again without fear of being stung, and our bees have a new home! Thanks again Darren and AA Bee Removal Experts.

- Jackie E.

Darren and his stepson were prompt and professional!! It only took them about 2 hours to remove an established colony that had over a million bees. They were in a faux column on the side of my house for over 5 years. We spent countless hours dealing with so called rescue organizations and other removal companies. But all of them wanted to schedule months later or wanted to exterminate the bees. Darren responded to my email within a couple of hours and was here the next morning! I can’t say enough about how well he did his job. Thanks AA Bee Removal Experts!

- Chelee P.

Darren & Callie were great to work with! After calling several different people, they were the kindest and most informative. Their pricing is reasonable and, unlike most bee companies, the job of putting your house back together and sealing it up is included in the price. They were at my house within 48 hours of me calling and my bees were gone 3 hours later. AA will be my first call if the bees come back, but, fingers crossed, they don’t!

- Stephanie W.

These guys are true professionals, couldn’t be happier with the service I received. I would recommend this company to anyone! Safe, quick and fairly priced. Thanks again, I will be calling you in the future.

- Todd Dickerson