We are a Family-Owned Local Company with a Passion to save the Bees! We have combined our passion with our expertise in carpentry. We have a continual growing base of many Satisfied Customers!

When you realize you have a large hanging bee swarm, or an established bee hive in the structure of your home, it is an unexpected act of “Mother Nature” and can be very intimidating. But, don’t stress! Instead, we hope you will utilize our Website to Educate yourself to make the best choice for You and the Bees! Understand that just as the U.S. needs “Homeland Security”, you just need a “Bee Removal Expert” to regain Control of your house! Insect Spray is not the Answer! The Bees have a lot to protect, and if the Bees feel their Hive is threatened, the Bees won’t hesitate to show you they ARE an “ARMY” protecting their “QUEEN”! Bees typically build their Hive in the hollow eave soffits of your home. These Bee Hives can grow upwards to 120 lbs., housing Colonies of 50,000 plus Bees. The number of Bees you see on a consistent basis on the outside of your structure will be multiplied by the 100’s or 1,000’s of Bees on the inside of the structure. A normal reaction is to break out the can of Insect Spray and exterminate the Bees; This Can Be Dangerous! Or call Pest Control to have them Exterminated; This Can Be Expensive! What the typical Consumer does not always know is that the Bees can be safely removed and relocated, so the Bees can continue to do what Mother Nature intended them to do. As we all know, Bees play an important role in our Environment, and we all Love the Honey!