Our professional bee removal prices start at just $99!!

Each bee removal situation varies, depending on the severity of the bee infestation, which is why we cannot give a blanket bee removal cost structure to our customers. As we plan your individual bee removal and relocation, we will carefully assess your exact situation. This allows us to determine the best method of removal to protect your home as well as to help keep the bees alive, relocating them to a safer place. This customized pricing structure is the fairest and easiest way to help each of our customers, based on the time and cost of the exact removal.

We dig DEEP to get rid of those bees!

A few of the situations that we have come across include bees that have hived in the actual structure of the house, within the soffits of the home, the engine compartment of a car that has been sitting idle for a long period of time or even in the small areas of an RV. The number of bees and the size of the hive will also play a role in the pricing. What you think might only be a few bees living around your home could turn into 10,000 or more bees, once we fully inspect the area. This will have an impact on how we remove the bees as well as the time it takes, which will be reflected in your customized quote.

Call in reinforcements!

Serious bee infestation might require more of our specialists to respond to the problem area and completely remove all of the bees. When there are thousands of bees to deal with, the weight of the hive can reach upwards of 100 pounds, putting a heavy amount of pressure on your home, causing even more damage. Our specialists will assess each area, determining the least invasive, yet most effective way to remove the bees, relocating them to another area.

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